Virus Infection / Slow Performance

Is your computerís performance leaving you unsatisfied and wanting more? Happily, improving your computerís performance doesnít involve a medicine cabinet and chatting with a stranger while lying on a couch. We can speed up your machine with a variety of inexpensive and painless fixes: including memory upgrades, spyware and virus removal, system optimizations, and thorough cleanings. Starting fresh can help free up disk space, speed up the computer and increase overall performance. Whether you just need a fresh start or maybe someone gave you either old machine; a clean install is a great way to go. We'll fully update the machine to ensure flawless performance of your applications.

Clean Install
We can wipe your computer clean and start fresh. We'll reinstall your current operating system and do all the updates. This also includes lifetime anti-virus protection.

System Tune Up
A complete optimization of your computer will clean out all of the virus & spyware with noticeably increased performance. You will not lose any of your data with a tune-up.

Full Overhaul
Sometimes computers can just be so badly infected that they simply need to wiped clean and everything needs to be reinstalled from the ground up. Our full scale overhaul will accomplish this and best of all you won't lose anything that is important to you!