Symptom - Screen Issues

The screen is akin to a plasma TV and just as expensive. If your computer was made within the last 4-5 years this repair should be worth doing if you own an older machine you might want to give us a call before you bring it in it might just be time to by a new one.

Dim Screen
If your laptop turns on but there is only a very faint image in the screen not to worry. A dim screen is generally cause by one of two faulty components. It is either that the bulb inside the screen has crack or burned out or the inverter has gone bad. The good news is that your data is usually fine and replacing the faulty component will restore the laptop to working condition.

Replacement Inverter
The inverter is a circuit panel which supplies power to the screen. If it burns out the screen doesn't get any power and can't light up.

Replacement Screen
Screen prices vary considerably based on the the type of screen used in the laptop. We can provide an estimate based solely on the model of the laptop but for an exact quote we'd ask you to bring the laptop in. We generally need to open the laptop and get the part number off the back of the screen in your laptop to provide an exact quote.